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Petrea volubilis/ Sandpaper vine

Petrea volubilis/ Sandpaper vine

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Petrea volubilis, commonly known as purple wreathqueen’s wreath, or sandpaper vine, is an evergreen flowering vine in the family Verbenaceae. Native to Tropical America, this stunning vine is valued especially for its display of violet flowers. Here are some key features of the Sandpaper Vine:

  • Appearance: As a climbing plant, it can grow up to 12 meters (39 feet), but as a shrub, it reaches about 4 meters (13 feet) tall. The leaves are elliptical-oblong, rough to the touch, and have a sandpaper-like texture.
  • Flowers: The attractive pale blue to violet, star-shaped flowers drape down from the woody climber. Although the flowers are short-lived, the secret to their beauty lies in the long-lasting petal-like, violet calyces that persist even after the flowers have fallen.
  • Habitat: It is found especially on the banks of rivers and streams, from northern Mexico to Bolivia, Brazil, Paraguay, the Antilles, and Venezuela. Depending on the climate, it can have up to two blooms in a year.
  • Cultivation: In temperate climates, Petrea volubilis prefers full sun and can tolerate shade, although it will not flower profusely. It handles a very light and fleeting frost at temperatures down to -2°C, but beyond this threshold, the plant would die. It thrives in well-drained, fertile soils and can tolerate drought.
  • Traditional Uses: The Wayapi ethnic group traditionally uses a preparation with sap to treat burns, wounds, inflammation, and abscesses. In the Caribbean, it is used to treat diarrhoea.

Petrea Volubilis is a stunning addition to any garden, offering both visual appeal and ease of care. 🌿🌸

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